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Comparison between aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy
- 2018-01-18 10:37 -
1. aluminum magnesium alloy
Aluminum magnesium alloy has light weight, a high intensity, a high corrosion resistance, a low density, a good thermal diffusivity and a high crushing resistance, and its weight is the 1/3 of traditional plastic body, but its hardness is several times the traditional plastic body. 5083 aluminum sheet, 5086 aluminum sheet and 5456 aluminum sheet are the main products of series 5xxx aluminum alloy. As the representative product of series 5xxx aluminum alloy, 5086 aluminum sheet has a medium strength, a good corrosion resistance and formability, generally used as the main structure of ship. The other aluminum alloy is widely used in hull structures or pressure vessels, pipes, decks, etc.
2. aluminum manganese alloy
Aluminum manganese alloy has a good rust protection performance, a good shaping property, a high intensity and corrosion resistance. The manganese content of series 3xxx aluminum alloy is about 1% to 1.5%, it can not be strengthen by heat treatment, but it has a good plasticity in cold-working. Series 3xxx aluminum alloy has a good corrosion resistance and welding performance, and has a wide range of application in building decoration industry, electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, etc.

In conclusion, aluminum magnesium alloy has the advantages when it used in aviation, windows and doors, but for the products that requires a high rust-proof performance, the aluminum manganese alloy has more advantages.