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Factors that affect the price of 3105 aluminum sheet
- 2018-01-15 15:43 -
when purchase the aluminum profile, we are not only concerned about the quality of the product, but also pay attention to its price. Here are the factors affect the price of 3105 aluminum sheet.
1.Different manufacturer has different manufacturing technique, so there are subtle differences between different brand in price.
2.Different model of aluminum has different price, the common types of aluminum sheet including pure aluminum, aluminum alloy sheet, aluminum sheet for curtain wall, alumina sheet and so on, and each of them are used in different places according their features.
3. Different types of aluminum has different price because of different process, such as compared to the aluminum alloy sheet, the pure aluminum sheet has a relatively low cost, so in general, the price of aluminum alloy sheet is higher than that of pure aluminum sheet.
4. Production technology is one of the most important factors that affect the price, the more advanced production technology, the more advanced products, and contains a higher technological content, of course the price will higher than the ordinary one.
Mingtai 3105 aluminum sheet has a high quality and an excellent performance, it widely used in cans, our products received a high praise from domestic and foreign customers.
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