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Factors that determine the price of food foil
- 2017-11-18 11:02 -
In the continuous development of market economy, aluminum foil products play a very important role in many industries, such as medicine, food and cosmetics. The quality of packaging materials largely determines the economic value and the value of the products they sell. Especially in food aluminum foil is widely used, food foil prices are also much concerned about the market, food foil play a waterproof, fresh, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling and heat conduction role. The following impact on the price of food foil for a simple analysis.
The price of food foil usually depends on the state of the alloy, the properties and the thickness. The most commonly used alloys in China are 8011 / H22 aluminum foil, 8011 / H24 aluminum foil, 8011 / O aluminum foil and 3003 / H24 aluminum foil. 8 series of aluminum foil prices.

Food foil price and performance aspects, the performance is mainly for tensile and elongation requirements, high elongation, stamping is not easy to crack, while requiring oil-free, odor-free, in order to ensure that the food packaging requirements.
The relationship between the price and the thickness of food foil, household foil commonly used are double zero aluminum foil and single zero aluminum foil, of which single zero aluminum foil commonly used thickness is 0.03-0.2, different thickness has different prices, the general thickness of the thinner, The higher the price.
Food foil market is widely used in daily life, often used, foil lunch box with its beautiful appearance, easy to use, safe and hygienic, odorless, non-leakage and can be recycled and other fine features, is to replace the plastic commonly used today Ideal for fast food boxes. The price is close to high-end plastic lunch boxes.
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