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Faults and Countermeasures in the Process of Aluminum Foil and Aluminum Plating
- 2017-08-28 09:02 -
In recent years, due to PP oxygen permeability, PET permeable, PE ink adhesion and poor color migration, tensile elongation, and easy to wrinkle, overprint difficult, most PVC toxic, such as the use of PVC when the need for high frequency Heat, the film tends to be baked. PT tear resistance is poor, and will shrink at high temperatures, decreased strength or brittle and so on. Packaging materials is the existence of the above different defects, AL and aluminum film has become the most frequently used and stylish substrates. However, AL and aluminum film in the process of processing complex, a little attention may be there may be quality problems.
Such as the most common composite products such as "spots" and "white spots" and other quality problems, the two quality problems than the plastic / plastic and aluminum / plastic or aluminum / paper composite processing problems in the quality of more Is a lot of flexible packaging manufacturers feel a headache.
First, the aluminum composite products produce "spots" phenomenon
Second, the general composite film white point generation and treatment methods in the aluminized composite film white point, there are other composite film will appear obvious white spots, this white spots can be randomly distributed, uneven size.
Third, the pizza-plated aluminum film is often due to the bubble in the ink produced by the pinhole (blank point / pitting) failure, the general method of exclusion: First, adjust the composite roll; the second is to increase the amount of plastic coating; Defoamer dimethyl silicone oil -201; four is to use straight scraper.
Whether it is pure aluminum foil (AL), or vacuum aluminized film, or rolling aluminized film / ie, the surface epitaxial growth of aluminum, from the experimental production and theoretically directly proved that "the deposition of atoms in the growth Can be to climb "the atom of the upward diffusion movement - the formation of a certain phase of the quantum point / is also we can not imagine some of the aluminum products, aluminum foil, aluminum film growth mechanics phenomenon, it is in recent years, China's packaging printing The adhesion of ink to the ink film, the combination of spots, white spots and other people can not accept the technical problems - causality.