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Five processing method of aluminum sheet surface
- 2017-12-15 16:38 -
 Aluminum sheet is widely used in construction industry and particularly used in building materials. People pay attention to the beautifulness of aluminum sheet, so now more and more manufacturers regards the processing of sheet surface as an important process.
- Electrocoating -
 This approach is popular in Japan. After processed, there will come out a glossy side of sheet's surface, and its corrosion resistance will be enhance.
 - Electrostatic Powder Spraying -
 The main feature of this approach is to strengthen corrosion resistance of aluminum sheet , this kind of aluminum sheet is better than other oxidized and colored material.
- Scrubbing -
  Although aluminum sheet itself is very bright and glossy, but it may appear some annoying lightspot in some certain environment. the function of scrubbing processing solve this problem perfectly, and sheet's surface will smooth like silk after scrubbed, and many people are found of this hand feeling.
- Multi-color Process -
  The traditional and monotone aluminum sheet can not meets the needs of some designers anymore. The multi-color process diversify the color of aluminum sheet, but polishing and oxidation is most important.

- Plasma Enhance of Ceramics Degrees of Electrochemical Surface -
  This processing method is an advanced technology. The aluminum sheet through plasma processing has high quality and are able to carry on with a series of overprinting, but its price also expensive than others.
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