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Four advantages of aluminum alloy for aircraft spoilers
- 2017-08-04 10:05 -
Spoiler is one of the important parts during the flight, it can make the aircraft in the process of running more smoothly and reduce the influence of air flow on the plane, the plane spoiler role is so large, its fabrication materials and technology is very of exquisite, 5052 aluminum sheet used to make aircraft spoiler is good the material.

The mechanical properties of 5052 aluminum alloy is more stable, which belongs to Al-Mg, a wide range of uses, has good forming performance, corrosion resistance, weldability, moderate intensity, has about four aircraft for spoiler advantage:
1., it has good fatigue resistance and plasticity
2. has good corrosion resistance, high and weldability
3. Good middle strength and cold workability
4. Good rust resistance
Alpha aluminum is aluminum processing enterprises engaged in aluminum processing quality, for 20 years, mature processing technology, the introduction of advanced machining equipment and perfect processing technology abroad, have excellent team, 5052 aluminum sheet production, to meet the needs of our customers, and has high hardness, is a good choice for spoiler.