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Four characteristics of inferior aluminum profiles
- 2018-03-12 17:21 -
The inferior aluminum profiles is easy to deform when affecting by sunlight, air, rain, etc., which has great security risk in daily life. Let’s see what characteristics that inferior aluminum profiles have.
1.a thin oxide film
The thickness of the aluminum profile oxide film in the building must not be less than 10um according standards, and if the thickness of aluminum profile is insufficient, it’s surface will easy to rusted and corroded.
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2. unqualified chemical composition
Some inferior manufacturers incorporate a large amount of mixed aluminum and aluminum scrap to reduce the costs, but the profile of unqualified chemical composition will seriously endanger the safety of construction project.
3. insufficient thickness
Some inferior manufacturers reduce the thickness of aluminum profiles to reduce the costs.
4. insufficient confinement time
We all know that the aluminum alloys have good corrosion resistance and high strength, but some inferior manufacturers reduce the confinement time and the use of chemical reagents, it greatly reduce the corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles, as well as the service life.