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High-strength 7075 aluminum for the airplane guardian security
- 2017-10-10 09:12 -
In the north of China, 7075 aluminum is common for civil aerospace application for the advantages performance, such as superior strength and no worry about damage flying across the cloud. Therefore, the most pressure withstand including head, wings and chassis are made of 7075 aluminum.

Usually, in the view of most people, the material of aircraft application are the same, because they are in the similar appearance in color. On the contrary, considering the cost and other factors, it’s impossible for all the parts adapting 7075 aluminum material. However, thanks to that, it shows the importance of 7075 aluminum plate.
Because of the equipment of 7075 aluminum material, it is possible for airplanes to fly safely in the sky crossing millions of times.
It is very important to the selection of 7075 aluminum plate in that it is related to the safety of people travel. So, when you choose to buy 7075 aluminum , the relevant departs will undergo many teats to ensure that 7075 aluminum production is in line with national standards. Because 7075 aluminum plate belongs to the enterprise production, there must be related human or management factors, resulting in the quality of the product level of the situation occurred. So for the 7075 aluminum production and application, we must pay considerable attention.