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How consumers choose to rest assured aluminum manufacturers
- 2017-11-03 09:36 -
Aluminum and other materials have a very broad consumer market, benefit from the excellent performance of aluminum, many industries will be aluminum as a substitute for traditional metal materials, especially in recent years, aluminum production, sales are growing rapidly, huge Business opportunities to attract countless gold rush to join, so a variety of aluminum blossom everywhere, many of them are no strength, no qualified. They use the convenience of the Internet to mislead customers, sold to customers unqualified products. So, in so many aluminum manufacturers, how should choose a formal, rest assured that the manufacturers do?

1, whether the three card
Business license, the organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, commonly known as the enterprise three card. In the choice of aluminum manufacturers, consumers should take the initiative to ask the enterprise documents are complete, the name is consistent, which is to determine whether the formal aluminum manufacturers the most intuitive way.
2, registered capital
Aluminum manufacturers can be intuitive from the strength of the registered capital of the enterprise, a registered capital of 10 million of the enterprise strength is much higher than a registered capital of only 300,000 enterprises.
3, operating time
Although the length of business time and aluminum manufacturers are strong, formal and no direct contact, but a business in the industry for more than 10 years of business in the certainly certainly higher than the newly established new company.
4, the number of stocks
Aluminum manufacturers and more to spot-based business, as a capital-intensive industries, aluminum manufacturers inventory of aluminum spot the number of manufacturers is the strength of the most intuitive proof. An inventory of more than 1,000 tons of enterprises and stocks less than 100 tons of enterprises compared to the natural tonnage more trustworthy.
5, customer reputation
As the saying goes, the Gold Cup Silver Cup as the reputation of customers, aluminum manufacturers are formal integrity, you can go to the peer to inquire about a no one heard, or generally not high evaluation of the enterprise, in the cooperation naturally be careful.