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How to distinguish high quality aluminum alloy ceiling
- 2018-03-19 11:19 -
Many consumers think that the thicker the sheet and the keel, the higher the hardness. In fact, some inferior factories will add a layer of coating during surface treatment for the pursuit of thickness and hardness, it aims to meets the customer's need for thickness. This type of product is cheap, but it can always satisfy some consumers' pursuit of thickness and hardness. However, his type of aluminum alloy ceiling is very easy to oxidize. In terms of health, these products usually have excessive metal components, which will cause great radiation and damage to human cells, and then seriously endangers the health of the human body.
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Here are some methods to help you to select high quality aluminum alloy ceiling
1.check the surface
High quality aluminum alloy ceiling has surface of good luster, with no cracks, corrosion, vents, scratches, splotches and other defects.
2. texture
High quality aluminum alloy ceiling has delicate and smooth surface.
3. elasticity
High quality aluminum alloy ceiling has good elasticity, if we hold it slightly, its natural tension will restores the panel to its natural state.
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