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How to maintain the aluminum curtain wall
- 2018-02-02 09:45 -
Aluminum profile has a wide range of application in construction industry, and the performance and features of aluminum profile improve the beauty of the building. Although the aluminum curtain wall owns a long service life, we also need to maintain it regular for the long-term beauty and security of building. Aluminum curtain wall has a good corrosion, and able to kept clean itself, no need to long-term maintenance, but also need to maintain termly.
1. Supplier regularly visit and check during within the warranty period, and find the hidden dangers in time.
2. Check the adhesive tape and injecting glue any time, replace or repair timely if the aluminum curtain wall is chipped off or damaged.
3. Periodic cleaning with the window cleaning machines.
4. The repair methods of aluminum curtain wall surface: the repairmen of local injury or scratch can be fixed by the refinishing paint.