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How to select aluminum blinds of good quality
- 2018-03-14 11:31 -
The blinds that made of aluminum sheet are favored by consumers because of their advantages, it is not easy to fade, deform, with  good corrosion resistance and good shading effect. What should we pay attention to when select aluminum blinds?
Check the blinds and other accessories like frame, adjusting rod, tightening wire, etc. make sure they have uniform color.
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2. degree of finish
Check the smoothness of the blinds and the wire frame by hand, the smoothness of the high quality product is flat and smooth, without fuzzy grain.
3. function of opening and closing
Turn the adjusting rod to open the blinds, high quality blinds will keep a good horizontality between the blades, with a average interval, and each blades keep straight, without any bending. The leaves should be inosculated to each other without any light leakage when closed.
4. resistance to deformation
Open the blinds and press its leaves by hand, then quickly release, a high quality blind will immediately return to the horizontal state, without any bending.