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Introduction of Aluminum Cold Rolling Knowledge
- 2017-09-14 09:37 -
Cold rolling: hot rolled coil as raw material, pickling to remove the scale after the cold rolling, the finished product for the hard rolling, due to continuous cold deformation caused by cold hardening hard rolling strength, hardness, toughness Plastic indicators decline, so stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of the parts. Rolling hard rolls can be used as raw materials for hot-dip galvanizing plants, since hot-dip galvanizing units are equipped with annealing lines. Rolling hard roll weight is generally 20-40 tons, coil at room temperature, the hot rolling pickling roll for continuous rolling. The inner diameter is 610mm.
Features: Because it has not been annealed, its hardness is high (HRB greater than 90), mechanical processing performance is very poor, only a simple directional less than 90 degrees of bending (perpendicular to the coiling direction).
Simply put, cold rolling, is hot rolled coil based on the processing of rolling out, in general, is hot rolling --- pickling --- cold rolling such processing.
Cold rolling is at room temperature from the hot-rolled plate processing, although in the process because the rolling will make the plate temperature, although it is called cold rolling. As a result of hot rolling through continuous cold deformation made of cold rolling, the mechanical properties are relatively poor, the hardness is too high. Must be annealed to restore its mechanical properties, no annealing is called rolling hard roll. Rolling hard rolls are generally used to make the need for bending, stretching the product, 1.0 the following thickness of the hard luck of both sides or four sides of the bend. Cold rolling is generally carried out by annealing.