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Material of the car interior with aluminum
- 2017-07-13 09:21 -
What is the material for car interior? With the development of society, people's demand for cars is growing; leading to the car market is very hot. To this day, the car is not just a travel tool, people have more requirements, such as car interior fashion, functional humanization, car space and so on. In the automotive aluminum interior, the rise of metal wind in recent years, many high-end cars in the interior are added metal elements, the use of alumina as a decorative panel, Mingtai aluminum manufacturers  make the car interior tones no longer monotonous, shiny, new atmosphere.

Alumina board as a decorative panel, the appearance of fashion, rich sense of science and technology, color colorful, soft metal texture. Exquisite appearance is not the main reason for the aluminum plate to become a car decorative panel, more importantly, its superior performance, after a special oxidation of aluminum, with good corrosion resistance, UV resistance, scratch resistance, and the proportion of stainless steel only three One, will not increase the weight of the car.
Faced with so many advantages, no wonder manufacturers will use aluminum plate as car decorative panels.