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Mingtai 1050 aluminum sheet for the flexible conduit of wire and cable
- 2018-01-12 13:48 -
Flexible conduit is a kind of protective tube for wire and cable, and the flexible conduit is an important parts of modern industry. There are many kinds of flexible conduit, plastic and metal are the main material , in fact, 1050 aluminum sheet can be used in flexible conduit.
1050 aluminum sheet added a bit of cooper element during the processing, but it consists chiefly of pure aluminum, has an excellent formability, a high corrosion resistance, a good weldability and electrical conductivity. 1050 aluminum sheet is low in price, and the process is monotonous because of its element content. 1050 aluminum sheet has a similar performance with 1060 aluminum sheet, both of them have a same characteristics, the plasticity is high, but the strength is low, able to contact welding and gas welding, those characteristics meets the needs of flexible conduit.
As an professional aluminum manufacturer, Henan Mingtai Aluminum has a rich experience on aluminum processing, our 1050 aluminum sheet has many advantages, such as a low density, a good thermal conductivity, a good corrosion resistance and a good processing performance.
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