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Mingtai 6000 series aluminum alloys used for automobile lightweight
- 2018-03-24 13:30 -
Cars have become an essential transportation tool for people. As the vigorous development of automotive industry, people are increasingly demanding its environmental and lightweight. 6000 series aluminum sheet has become the most widely used material for automotive body because its good performance and weight reduction effect.
6061 aluminum sheet price
6061 aluminum sheet has good forming performance and good hardening effect, it is a special material for automotive aluminum plate. 6061 aluminum sheet is widely used for engine covers, doors, trunk lids, roof covers, and automotive body panels (especially the outer panels).
The bending limit is an important indicator to measure the performance of 6061aluminum sheet. In general, 6061 automotive aluminum sheet with different alloy states and properties applied to different aspects in automotive manufacturing, such as the 6061 aluminum sheet in the O state is the softest, witch is suitable for various bending shape.
Mingtai Aluminum produce aluminum alloys cover 1-8series, those products are widely applied in industries including automobile making, traffic and transportation, packaging and containers, buildings and decorations, electrical and electronic, printing, etc.
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