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Mingtai aluminum : High quality and safe aluminum ladder material manufacturer
- 2017-09-22 09:15 -
Aluminum ladders have many types, such as aluminum telescopic ladder and other categories.
Compared to other materials, aluminum ladder has the following advantages:
1. Light and portable
2. good security
3. Variety of styles
4. durable

As a result of outstanding performance, is widely used in home, shopping malls, libraries, warehouses, factory sites, orchard picking, industrial use such as building contracting, construction, residential property management and maintenance, toll stations, electricity lines maintenance.
Although aluminum ladder, has superior performance, we should also pay attention to the following sections to ensure personal safety. During the application process:
1. To ensure that all rivets, bolts and nuts and moving parts connected tightly, ladder and ladder solid and reliable, stretch the spring, the hinge working condition is normal.
2. The ladder should be placed on a sturdy and stable floor, forbidden to be placed on ice, snow or slippery surfaces without skid and fixed equipment.
3. Metal ladder conductive, to avoid close to the charged place, to prohibit the use of ladders in strong winds.
4. Operation is prohibited to exceed the maximum load-bearing quality, the operator's shoes to keep clean, forbidden to wear leather shoes on the ladder.