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Mingtai aluminum foil has a wide range of application in decoration
- 2018-01-22 13:34 -
In the electronics industry, aluminum foil is used in the condenser, cable shields, and used in the heating elements of capacitors and evaporators; in the electromechanical industry, aluminum foil is the preferred material for the fins of heat exchanger; in the aerospace industry, aircraft rotors, missile, rockets, satellites and other insulation layer and waterproof layer of liquid fuel tank are unable to do without aluminum foil; in the packaging industry, aluminum foil is an important packaging material for food, medicine, cigarettes and chemicals; in the construction industry, aluminum foil is used in the place of moisture insulation, as a decorative material, aluminum foil has a wide range application.
Aluminum foil has a high optothermal reflectivity, with the advantages in insulation, moisture-proof, sound insulation, fire prevention and so on, and it is easy to tinting and cleaning.
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