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Mingtai aluminum products has a wide application
- 2017-12-20 15:07 -
Mingtai Aluminum aluminum sheet, aluminum coil and aluminum foil are widely used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry, because aluminum is non-toxic, not adsorptive , not easy to crack, it can inhibits bacterial growth and clean by steam. Aluminum has a low volume specific heat so it can saving energy when containers or conveyors enter a heating or freezing zone. aluminum's non-sparkability is very important for flourmills and other factories vulnerable to fire and explosion, and its corrosion resistance is important for fragile goods, precious chemical reagents and cosmetic.
  Aluminum beverage cans are the most successful in aluminum application, and the aluminum food cans are also access to market fast, soft drinks, beer, coffee, fast food, meat, alcohol, all kind of this food can be packaged in aluminum cans. Aluminum as well as widely used in packaging of toothpaste, ointments, pigments and drugs.
In conclusion, aluminum packaging has these application:
  Soft package that made of aluminum foil are used for food industry, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics industry.
  Semi-rigid container (Box, cup, jar, dish)
  Household aluminum foil and food packaging foil
  Sealed cover of metal jars, glass bottles and plastic bottles
  Rigid aluminum cans, in particular, two-piece aluminum beer cans and soft drinks cans (hard packaging cans)
  Composite material Container
  Soft tubular container
  Large-sized rigid packaging containers, such as containers, refrigerators, beer barrels, oxygen bottles, liquefied natural gas tanks and so on
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