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Mingtai aluminum profile for building material
- 2018-02-05 16:21 -
Pure aluminum has a low strength, so its use is limited. However, adding a small amount of alloying elements such as magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, chromium, titanium, etc., can be obtained the new aluminum alloy with different properties. The aluminum alloys able to be further strengthen by cold treatment or heat treatment, as well as its tensile strength improved.
Aluminum profile has a lightweight and a good plasticity, its weight is about one-third of steel, but the specific tenacity of aluminum is better than that of steel; aluminum alloy has a good plasticity, it is easy to processing into various shapes. Aluminum alloy not only greatly reduce the weight of the building, and save the material, but also reduce the work of the components transportation and installation, and speed up the construction progress. The aluminum and aluminum alloy own many beautiful colors, has a good corrosion resistance, a high reflectance in light and heat, as well as it has a good sound absorption, thus aluminum and aluminum alloy are widely used in industry and civil architecture, such as the roofing, walls, windows and doors, skeleton, ceiling,railing handrails, furniture, containers, etc.
Mingtai Aluminum has 4 large production bases, with a total area of 1.3milliom square meter, a rich production experience over 20 years, a variety of advanced production equipment.
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