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Mingtai aluminum received great appreciation after the Aluminum industry exhibition
- 2017-07-25 09:23 -
China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition as the world's aluminum industry exhibition in the premier annual event, has been held for 12 consecutive years, July 19-21, the thirteenth aluminum exhibition has also come to an end. The aluminum industry exhibition focused on aluminum industry new materials, new technologies, new equipment, new trends and new applications. Looking back at this exhibition, the Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition to "car lightweight" as the biggest bright spot, Mingtai Aluminum also demonstrated the aluminum body and light rail body, and actively follow the "car lightweight" trend, attracting a large number of Eyes and customers stop to stay.

Mingtai aluminum industry to deep processing areas as the core, concerned about the automotive lightweight and consumer electronics. From the past to focus on the aluminum industry chain, and now extended to the direction of lightweight vehicles, Mingtai Aluminum industry with aluminum transformation and upgrading at the same time also carried out endogenous innovation, deep processing as the core, for the community concerned about the car Lightweight hot issues, in this exhibition launched the automotive lightweight aluminum, to visit the professional customers to accurately display, adhere to the material, technology to connect the technology innovation, Mingtai has been unable to slack off.
 In recent years, the hull metal into the development trend of consumer electronics, aluminum as a high-quality lightweight materials, used in mobile phone metal chassis, the technology has been quite mature, the Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition on the display of the phone metal shell is clear Mingtai aluminum industry carefully crafted, reflects Mingtai aluminum processing technology progress, which is dedicated to deep processing Mingtai miniature technology, the future will have a deeper development.