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Mingtai healthy 8011 aluminum foil for lunch box
- 2018-03-08 16:00 -
8011 aluminum foil has a wide range of application in food packaging, aviation snack box apply the most advanced aluminum foil, which its surface processed by the coating treatment and high-temperature sterilization, with a elegant outward appearance, it greatly increase the level of fast food.
healthy 8011 aluminum foil
Currently, the heat-sealable, high temperature and pressure sterilization aluminum foil lunch box is also widely used for the packaging of pies, lunch meat, sauce, jam, cheese, coffee, vegetarian paste and other products that need a long shelf life. However, the disposable lunch box still very common in the market nowadays because of its low cost, convenience and disposable feature. The disposable lunch box endanger human health, the long-term use of disposable lunch box will cause adverse effects for kidney, liver and other organs. In addition, some components of disposable lunch box are difficult to degrade, with some certain toxins. If using the disposable lunch box to holding the high temperature food, their toxins may be transferred to food, which will endanger human body.
Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil have flat and clean surface, uniform luster, no pinhole, no variegation, non-toxic and tasteless. Want to know more, welcome to call the hotline 0371-67898708.