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Mingtai high quality 5052 aluminum sheet for the backplane of LCD TV
- 2018-03-21 11:22 -
The production of a new generation of flat-panel TVs represented by liquid crystal and plasma TVs has become increasingly sophisticated and accepted by the market. In recent years, the production and sales of flat-panel TVs have grown rapidly, and the market demand for aluminum alloy sheets for producing the radiating plate of plasma display has also rapidly increased.
5052 aluminum sheet
The surface of the LED backplane is required to be clean and uniform in color. It is not allowed to have cracks, corrosion, vent holes, peeling, metal and non-metallic indentation, scratches, roller marks, oil spots and other visible defects. Aluminum sheet has high thermal conductivity and excellent heat dissipation performance, with a small residual internal stress, it is not easily to deformed after machining.
Mingtai 5052 aluminum sheet is wide used for the outward components and the crafts that require good welding performance. Mingtai 5052 aluminum sheet surface has no peeling, bubbles, damage, cracks, corrosion spots or other defects, so 5052 aluminum sheet is a best choice for the backplane material of LCD TV.
Mingtai Aluminum has 6 semi-continuous casting production lines, 10 continuous casting and rolling lines, and 44 other large-scale processing equipment, with an annual output of 650,000 tons.
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