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Mingtai high quality aluminum foil for capacitor
- 2018-03-13 15:25 -
The electrolytic capacitors that made of aluminum foil has wide range of application because of good performances and low costs. Mingtai electronic foil is a kind of material that working under polar conditions, it has high strength, good processing performance and good heat dispersion, and those properties are very important for electronic products. 
aluminum foil supplier
Electronic aluminum foil of different polarity require different types of etching, the corrosion of high-voltage anode foil like column hole, the corrosion of low-voltage anode foil is spongy shape.  Prior to the 1980s, electrolytic capacitors mostly used manual chemical etching, and after the 1980s, they use electrochemical etching. The purity of hand-etched aluminum foil is low (about 99. 3% to 99.7%), with a low requirement of quality for aluminum foil processing; on the contrary, electrochemical etching requires a higher and higher purity of aluminum foil, and the quality of aluminum foil processing is also increasingly refined. From the aspect of the aluminum purity, the purity of aluminum in the 1980s was 99.99%, and now, the purity of aluminum has reached 99.993%, this is the requirement of electrode foils, as well as the technological advancement of aluminum processing.