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Mingtai subway car body popular international aluminum industry exhibition hall
- 2017-07-21 09:12 -
1. Attitude determines the attitude of the company
In order to more comprehensive, three-dimensional objective of the product will be displayed to the customer, Mingtai Aluminum thousands of miles away from Henan subway car body transported to the Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition Hall, in which the table and chairs arranged tea, not only to provide customers with a good negotiation space , But also allows customers to more intuitive understanding of the car body.
The exhibition Mingtai devoted twelve times the attitude of carefully prepared from the exhibition hall design, exhibitors samples, exhibits layout to the professional clerk team, each link has undergone a rigorous preparation planning, simple atmosphere of the blue and white car body exhibition hall , Not only fit the theme of the show, but also in response to the national "area along the way" high-speed development strategy.
The international aluminum industry exhibition theme from the automotive lightweight, chassis metallization; electronics, aerospace aluminum and deep processing of the transportation industry, packaging industry and consumer electronics focus on casting and forging process.

2. Seize the opportunity to transition into the new materials and transportation industry
Transportation as a "one way all the way" strategy to implement an important carrier, the field of transport demand for high-end aluminum products will show explosive growth, Mingtai Aluminum to seize the opportunity to transition, has set up Zhengzhou South rail transport equipment and Zhengzhou traffic new materials limited The company has made remarkable achievements. Among them, the use of 5 series alloy manufacturing in the top plate, the top of the air grille, electrical cabinet wall, respectively, applied to the top of the subway car decoration, in the roof at the outlet grille and electrical cabinet wall panels. For a more comprehensive, three-dimensional, intuitive to show customers, Ming Tate carrying the production of Zheng rail transport car exhibitors.
In the process of manufacturing the body, the quality inspection personnel in accordance with the requirements of quality inspection planning, the focus of the test items to control the key, important processes throughout the tracking, the relevant size of the measurement, recording, and the quality of the relevant table Content to confirm, and ultimately achieve the entire process of quality control.
Conform to the development trend of the times in response to government calls for energy conservation and emission reduction
The aluminum industry exhibition can be said that the development of aluminum industry benchmark, analysis of aluminum materials, new performance, new technologies, new applications and new markets. Mingtai Aluminum in line with the development trend of the times, in response to our government gradually introduced policies to increase the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction of the automotive industry, the call, according to 5 series, 6 series of products after processing deformation, easy coating, Car body, chassis, engine and heat exchange system, greatly reducing the weight of the car.
On the basis of previous years, Mingtai Aluminum launched a new sample this year, namely 6061 ultra flat, 6061 Korean polishing board, 5083 ship plate, 6016/5182 automotive aluminum plate and 5083 ship plate with dnv stamped