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New energy vehicles for the development of automotive aluminum alloy market
- 2017-11-02 09:20 -
The demand for aluminum auto parts in the US auto industry is growing rapidly. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles to Tesla as the representative of the new energy vehicles by consumers favorable. To environmental protection, low consumption, low pollution as the main selling point of the new energy vehicles require as much as possible to reduce the weight of the car, the traditional metal material is clearly not qualified for new energy vehicles, the current view, aluminum is the best mature choice.

New energy vehicles are clearly the development trend of the automotive industry. The United States is the world's most advanced economies, with the most mature free market, technology companies up to the world's second largest auto market, new energy vehicles in the United States must be very competitive. In addition to Tesla and other cutting-edge manufacturers, the traditional car companies are also in the force of new energy vehicles, to compete for this huge cake to prepare. With so many new energy automotive companies, the demand for aluminum parts is naturally very large.
Japan's Kobe Steel, the world's leading smelter giant, has been a major supplier to the US auto industry. Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products (LLC), a US joint venture, today announced that Kobe Steel's Kobe Aluminum Automotive Products (LLC) Capacity to meet the North American market for aluminum forging suspension needs. Kobe Steel will invest approximately $ 56.6 million and new equipment is expected to be available in 2017.
Japan Kobe Steel's joint venture has been the largest supplier of automotive aluminum components in the United States, in the North American market, the highest market share of aluminum suspension, the expansion of production capacity will allow Kobe Steel to further open with competitors distance. New energy vehicles are gradually popular, the price is getting lower and lower, aluminum alloy in the automotive industry is bound to more and more widely.