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New type of super battery: Aluminum - graphene battery
- 2017-12-23 10:32 -
It is reported that Gao Chao, a scientist from Zhejiang University developed a new type of aluminum - graphene battery. This new type of battery has a long life, it can be fully charged in a very short period of time, and work in a temperature range from minus 40 ℃ to 120 ℃, moreover, its capacitance will not be reduced and can be repeatedly used for nearly 70 years. This innovation pointed out an important direction for the practical application of aluminum-ion battery.
Aluminum-ion battery is a new type of battery with many excellent performance, a suitable cathode material is the essential of its practical application. Professor Gao Chao choose the graphene film as the material of positive electrode, the result is graphene material greatly enhance the overall performance of aluminum ion battery, and his papers recently published in the international well-known periodical Scientific Progress.
Professor Gao Chao said:" this battery has a excellent performance, even after 250,000 times of charge-discharge, its efficiency is still as high as 91%, just loss a few of capacity." In other words, if smart phone equipped with this battery, even if charging 10 times a day as well as can be used for nearly 70 years.
Aluminum - graphene battery also has a excellent rate performance and some characteristic is out of comparison, it shown in this battery can fast charging at high currents while maintaining a high specific capacitance; it can still stable charge and discharge 1000 times at minus 40 ℃, stable charge and discharge 45000 times at high temperature to 100 ℃, even the cell exposed to the flame will not be fire or explode, and this good performance lays a foundation for the future use under a extreme temperature conditions.