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Oil tank material with 5052 aluminum - light weight new direction
- 2017-12-12 09:43 -

As energy issues become increasingly prominent around the world, vehicle lightweighting has become a major development trend due to its ability to reduce energy consumption. There are many parts of the car can use aluminum alloy, here for everyone a brief description of some of the components.


The application of 3003 aluminum and 5052 aluminum in the fuel tank material is not only a good solution to the corrosion problems left before the iron, in addition, aluminum has good oxidation resistance, the surface of the aluminum can form a dense oxide film, which is good to prevent the chemical reaction with the external substances, has good corrosion resistance. 6061aluminum applied in the car pedal: 6000 series aluminum resistance. There are 6061 aluminum in the car pedal applications, 6 Series aluminum is hot-rolled aluminum, after quenching process, the product has good stability, not easy to deformation, used in the car pedal is a good choice. In addition 3104 aluminum is also widely used in auto parts, auto parts with aluminum greatly improved, making the body weight is greatly reduced while also saving fuel consumption and reduce environmental pollution, auto parts aluminum until the national policy and The high level of recognition by car users has also saved the environment and the environment to a greater degree.

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