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Series 3xxx and series 5xxx for rust-proof aluminum sheet
- 2018-01-08 15:34 -
Aluminum alloy is one of the nonferrous materials that has a wide range of application in industry, and is widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipping and chemical industry. As the rapid development of science, technology and industrial economy, the demand for aluminum alloy also increasing, as well as the development of welding technology has expand the application of aluminum alloy.
Series 3xxx belongs to Al-Mn aluminum alloy, is the most widely used type of rust-proof aluminum. Series 3xxx aluminum alloy has a high intensity, a high plasticity and  a high corrosion resistant, able to polishing, but can not be strengthened by heat treatment. Series 3xxx aluminum alloy is widely used in low load parts that work in liquid or gaseous, such as fuel tank, petrol or lube duct, various liquid containers and so on.
Series 5xxx belongs to Al-Mg aluminum alloy, is an indispensable raw material for the construction industry, and 5052 aluminum sheet has a wide range of application, is the most promising aluminum alloy. Magnesium is the main alloy element of series 5xxx , and this series has a good corrosion resistant, a good weldability,  a good cold workability, and with a medium intensity, is widely used in aircraft fuel tank, traffic vehicles, Ship's metal parts, meters, streetlights, electric equipment shell, etc.
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