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Sleeve packaging needs to purchase the best quality aluminum foil tape
- 2018-04-26 14:13 -
Now some adhesive products such as transparent aluminum foil tape and other types of insulating tape, sealing tape and other types of products are gradually used sets of standard packaging, but in accordance with the production process of the product is now a lot of domestic factories or manual to use and manual packaging. Production cost control and production constraints in urgent need of production process automation solutions, according to customer demand for production, aluminum foil tape in the world has been the emergence of local enterprises to design their own solutions, is now a brief introduction to the whole process.

First , we will introduce the particularity of the aluminum foil tape packaging of :
First, such products are generally cylindrical, packaging up and down the shrink into the 5mm or so.
Second, the individual packaging and fixed packaging need to be labeled or placed round card trademark
Third, the same diameter, product specifications, similar products, large diameter error.
The entire design and production process can be divided into the following: First, the product into a single product into the transmission line, and then through the discharge device into the mold. There are two general ways to deal with this product: individual packaging directly on the mold, fixed packaging (such as ordinary transparent tape is usually a small bundle of 10) need to increase a count device control pipeline to achieve. Molds are made adjustable according to product specifications. To meet a variety of specifications of a machine a common demand, reduce customer costs, save time, eliminating the need for replacement of cumbersome. The efficiency of the machine to maximize the use of aluminum foil tape has a high degree of accuracy requirements. According to years of production experience, the current world has been the emergence of dual positioning system can be a perfect solution to this problem, making the standard pass rate of 99.9% of the need to place a round card trademark front end to increase a standard device The specificity of the product and the use of electric shrinkage. But the heat shrinkage is generally more difficult to control than the steam shrinkage. There will be wrinkled, from the vortex heat uneven and so on. In addition the product diameter is not uniform, two sets: As the product shape and diameter is not uniform. The size of the selection label is much larger than the convention. This has brought great difficulty to shrink. But the use of rotary step-by-step shrink can solve this problem.