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Some tips for welding aluminum sheet
- 2017-12-15 15:49 -
  Almost all kinds of welding methods can used in aluminum sheet or aluminum alloy sheet , but different methods has its own application because of products adaptability
  There are some tips for welding aluminum sheet :
  1. One-time welding is better, because aluminum sheet will deform easily in the second welding time.
  2. Welding rod must be smear with flux evenly to be sure the quality of welding spot.
  3. The flame of torch should not be too long and must be heated with low fire at first, otherwise, the dispersant will melting easily.
  4. After welding, wait for the nylon silk slurry cool down about 2-3 minute , then are able to touch concrete storage, if not, the welding spot will easy to leak out.
  5. Welding time can not be too long, over time welding will result in melting or thinning of tube wall.
  6. Must put a wet towel at liner to protect sheet from damage.
  7. Dip solder powder before heating the welding rod, because the melting point of welding rod is too low.
  Aluminum sheet has various application and widely used in the area of business, transportation, etc. For metal element, except for used in consumer products, as well as used in the creation of glass. Besides, aluminum is  corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly, and it can recycling.
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