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Suspension parts with aluminum alloys have new requirements
- 2017-07-11 09:06 -
Suspension device is the locomotive, the vehicle body to be resiliently supported in the axle box, side frame or balance beam on the device. Suspension looks like a device, but the combination of multi-force, affecting the stability of the locomotive, comfort and safety, is one of the key components. The hanging parts made of 2014 aluminum are the most commonly used.

Hanging parts with 2014 aluminum alloy alloy elements are mainly copper, high hardness, also known as hard aluminum, with high strength and good cutting performance, 2014 aluminum is mainly used for high strength and hardness requirements of the occasion, commonly used in heavy Forging, 2014 aviation aluminum used for aircraft structural parts, multi-stage rocket first-class fuel tank is made by 2014 aviation aluminum.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum 20 years focused on the production of aluminum, its production of 2014 mirror aluminum sheet with high strength and good cutting performance, in addition, 2014 aluminum plate can also adapt to high temperature environment, and manufacturing process performance is good. Widely used in aerospace and military use of aluminum.