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The Application of Aluminum Extrusion Profile in Automobile
- 2017-09-26 09:03 -
In recent years due to the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, the relative aluminum alloy radiator with its advantages of light quality of the successful replacement of the copper material. The heat dissipation of the car radiator with copper as the main material.

Because aluminum alloy plasticity, casting, forging, stamping process are applicable, the most suitable for the production of automotive parts die-casting process. From the production cost, parts quality, material utilization and other aspects of comparison, aluminum alloy has become an indispensable important material for automobile production.
The role of aluminum radiators in automotive lightweighting is as follows:
First, small size and light weight. Aluminum alloy radiator with a two-component synthetic aluminum core and pipe structure, in the volume of copper than the previous one-third, although the volume is reduced, but the radiator performance without any adverse effects. For the car, the unnecessary weight is of course the smaller the better.
Second, good heat dissipation. The car will lead to a long time heating the car control system disorders, for driving the car, any damage to the parts are likely to cause the car is not controlled, in terms of personal safety, choose a good radiator to the owner It is very important. And the cooling technology of electronic equipment is also particularly important.
Third, the aluminum alloy radiator seismic performance is very good, life is also very long. Seismic resistance is also one of the criteria for measuring vehicle performance.