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The Characteristics and Application of Outdoor Aluminum Foil
- 2017-09-05 09:11 -
Household outdoor aluminum foil has a good shading, isolation, for packaging vegetables, fruits, etc., can prevent moisture loss, keep flavor, more anti-bacterial, anti-fouling effect. Household outdoor aluminum foil applications are as follows:

Cooking: sealed food (fruit) juice, liquid; keep the food color, smell, taste visual effects, and can control the temperature;
Baking: separated from high temperature charcoal and smoked with aluminum foil, both to maintain the original flavor of food and to avoid the cause of carcinogenic substances, safe and health;
Storage: fresh, can be easily based on food shape, keep the food form, and prevent the smell into;
Cold storage: to prevent frozen food surface hardening, to extend food storage time, to avoid fish, vegetables, fruits, dishes, water loss, to prevent the leakage or mixed taste.
The first use of baking pan to prevent food sticky baking pan;
The second barbecue to prevent food sticky dirty things;
Third party brushing pan;
The fourth part of the food when there are spices baked, fillings and other fear of scattered with a foil bag;
Fifth to prevent water loss, keep fresh.