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The advantages of 3003 aluminum alloy power battery shell
- 2017-12-26 13:58 -
The power battery is the main part of a bus, and as the rapid development of electric bus, the demand of power battery shell is increasing. Most of power battery shell adopted 3003 aluminum alloy, and do you kmow what's the advantages of 3003 aluminum alloy.
1. Reduce the body weight of electric vehicles
3003 aluminum alloy power battery shell reduce the body weight, as well as reduce the fuel consumption. In addition, aluminum alloy is a recyclable materials, it is more easier to maintenance, and of course, it is more environmental.
2. 3003 aluminum power battery shell is more durable
Aluminum alloy and cast iron have their own different characteristics, cast iron is more solid and durable and it has a bigger output per litre, but aluminum alloy is lighter and cheaper than cast iron, and aluminum will has a larger market in future. Aluminum deposits are very rich in the world, aluminum has a many alloy characteristics, and it is easy to recycling. As technology advances, It is not impossible for some of the aluminum alloy will replace steels one day.
3. A good corrosion resistance
Power battery shell can anodizing and tinting by manual work, and aluminum surface is able to produce a dense layer of AL2O3 protective film, and this protective film can protect the matrix from corrosion.