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The advantages of aluminum alloy tanker vehicle
- 2018-01-09 15:41 -
As an important logistics equipment, tanker vehicle is widely used in automobile transport industry.
Here are the advantages of aluminum alloy tanker vehicle
1. High security
Aluminum profile is a non-combustible material, no sparks, and the lower electrostatic accumulation is favorable for the conduction of static electricity during the handling and transportation process, it reduce the probability of accidents.

2. Lower operating costs and a lightweight
The aluminum alloy tanker vehicle is lighter than carbon steel tank car, its lightweight reduces the fuel consumption and the wear and tear of tires during shipping, thus reducing the daily operating expenses and maintenance costs.

3.A good corrosion resistance and a long service life
Aluminum plate has a good corrosion resistance, and a aluminum alloy tanker vehicle has a 15 to 20 years service life. There has a dense layer of alumina on surface, it effectively prevent the erosion from the atmosphere and moisture, and the it will not pollute the oil due to rusting. Aluminum alloy tanker vehicle no need to painting any protective layer, and it easy to clean, able to maintain a bright and beautiful surface in the long-term.

4.Excellent performance
Aluminum profile has a good tractility and a high intensity, and aluminum alloy tanker vehicle adopted the closed filling system, improve the handling efficiency. Research shows that under a no-load conditions, 60% of the fuel consumption comes from the weight of vehicle. If vehicle loss 1tons weight, it can save 0.6L of gasoline in each 10KM. Aluminum alloy tanker vehicle has a lighter weight than carbon steel tank car, has a higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, it is more environmental.