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The advantages of aluminum winter garden
- 2018-02-24 10:34 -
The winter garden is an indispensable part of the villa, and it is a kind of non-traditional building that made of glass and metal frame, in order to enjoy the sun and close to the natural. The winter garden realizes the intimate contact between the living room and the sunshine, and people can enjoy the warm of sunshine even in the cold winter days, as well as the winter garden has a unique thermal insulation effect, it can create a warm room environment to family even in the cold winter. To development so far, the winter garden has experienced four times of wood, steel, aluminum alloy, heat insulation aluminum alloy, the wood winter garden has a moderate cost but a poor sealability, a high maintenance costs and a short life, moreover, the wood winter garden is flammable, it is easy to deform and crack. Compare with the winter garden that made of other material, the  winter garden that made of aluminum alloys is more advantages.
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1.the aluminum winter garden has a light weight, and it is sturdy and durable. The aluminum winter garden is lighter than the steel winter garden about 50%, and it has a higher corrosion resistance than the wood winter garden, the aluminum winter garden is not easy to rotten, and its oxide coloring layer does not fall off and fade, it is very durable.
2.the aluminum winter garden has a good sealability, and has a higher sound insulation than that of wood winter garden and steel winter garden.
3. the aluminum winter garden has a glossy color and a beautiful appearance, it also enhances the decorative effect of building.