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The advantages of anodized aluminum sheet
- 2017-12-28 16:21 -
The anodized aluminum sheet has a wide range of application in mechanical parts, aircraft and auto parts, precision instrument, building decoration, machine shell, lamps, electronic consumer goods, signage, etc.

Here are the advantages of anodized aluminum sheet :
 1. Good processability : has a high decorative performance and a moderate hardness, easy to bending forming and high-speed stamping continuously, it can processing into products directly, no need to processing by complex surface treatment, greatly reduce the production cycle and cost.
 2. Good weatherability : a anodized aluminum sheet with a standard thickness (3μm) does not change color, corrode and oxidize in the long term use on indoor.
 3. A beautiful metallic feel : aluminum sheet surface has a high hardness after anodized, a good scratch resistance, its surface no paint coverage, retain the aluminum metal luster, improve the products grade and added value.
 4. High fire resistance : made of pure metal, its surface has not any paint and any chemical substances, does not produce toxic gases and flaming under the temperature of 600 degrees.
 5. A strong stain resistance : no fingerprints, no stain marks, , no corrosive spots and  easy to clean.
 6. A high applicability : anodized aluminum sheet has a wide range of application, it widely used in ceiling, curtain wall, panel, fire board, electrical panel, cabinet panel,etc.