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The advantages of hydrophilic aluminum foil
- 2018-02-22 11:12 -
Air conditioner foil is the proprietary material for the heat exchanger fins of air conditioner, and the hydrophilic aluminum foil is one of the main material for the heat exchanger fins of air conditioner, cold cupboard, vehicle air conditioning and other refrigeration plant. Let’s see what advantages that hydrophilic aluminum foil has compare with common aluminum foil.
aluminum foil
1.hydrophilic aluminum foil has a strong ability in rotproofness, mould proof and free from extraneous odor.
2. condensed water will evenly distribute on the hydrophilic aluminum foil surface, it will not block heat exchange and affecting the heat exchange because of the aggregation of condensed water, thereby to enhance 5% of the rate of heat exchange.
3.there are no water bead on hydrophilic aluminum foil surface, thereby it reduces the noise that caused by vibration.
4. hydrophilic aluminum foil can prevent the oxidation powder of air conditioner into the room, and protect the health of human body.