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The aluminum profile with different surface treatments
- 2018-02-06 11:01 -
1.the aluminum profile with a dull polished surface
Some bright aluminum profile has the shortcoming of light reflex when it used in architectural decoration, fortunately, the dull polished aluminum profile solves this problem. Dull polished aluminum profile has a refined surface, it enjoys a high favor among people.
2.the aluminum profile with various color coated treatment
The monotonous silver-white and brown are no longer meets the needs of the building, the new type of aluminum profile has various color, such as champagne, gold, titanium, red.
3. the aluminum profile that processed by electrophoretic finishing
The electrophoretic finished aluminum profile has a pastel surface with a fine luster, and it able to resist the corrosion of cement, mortar, acid rain.
4. the aluminum profile that processed by electrostatic powder spraying
The electrostatic powder sprayed aluminum profile has an excellent performance of corrosion resistance, its corrosion resistance performance in acid, alkali, salt, fog are is better than the Oxidized coloring profile.
5. aluminum profile with a ceramic surface
The aluminum profile with a ceramic surface is processed by plasma, this kind of aluminum profile is one of the advanced treatment technology in the world, this aluminum profile has a high quality but a high cost. The aluminum profile with a ceramic surface has more than 20 kinds of color, and its largest feature is able to printing with colors like the printed cloth, it has an excellent decorative effect.