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The aluminum tanker is safer than the steel tanker
- 2018-02-21 15:31 -
Aluminum products has many advantages, such as good corrosion resistance, lightweight and light intensity and so on. aluminum tanker has a large capacity, and it can save fuel and reduce tire wear when no-load drive. Energy saving can bring direct economic benefits to aluminum tanker, so the aluminum tanker is more advantages than the steel tanker.
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1. more safe
Aluminum tanker is lighter than the steel tanker about 4.9 tons, the lighter upper tanker parts reduce the gravity of vehicle, make the vehicle more stable when driving, and a tire with a good abrasion resistance can greatly reduce the probability of blow-out. Aluminum material has a good electric conductivity, and the static electricity is not easy to accumulate, if the aluminum tanker collided or tip over, it will not produce sparks when drilling, and it eliminate the potential safety hazard.
2. more durable
Aluminum has a layer of dense alumina film and a strong anti-oxide ability, it can effectively prevent the erosion of atmospheric and moisture, it will not rust and pollute the petroleum product. Aluminum tanker also has a long service life of 15 to 20 years, with a smooth and beautiful appearance.
3.more environmental
Aluminum alloy can be recycled, and the recycled aluminum alloy material has no difference with the original aluminum alloy material in performance, it can reduce the waste of resources and energy consumption.