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The application of 3003 aluminum alloy in oil cooler has some advantages
- 2017-08-04 09:55 -
The oil cooler acts as an important part of the cooling system. It is a device that accelerates the cooling of the lubricating oil and keeps it low. In high performance, high power engine, the engine oil cooler must be installed because of the heat load. The oil cooler is arranged in the lubrication circuit, and its working principle is the same as that of the radiator. It is used to prevent excessive heat gain, and the use of the 3003 aluminum alloy in the oil cooler has some advantages.

3003 aluminum alloy with aluminum manganese alloy, is a kind of antirust aluminum is widely used, its strength is not high (slightly higher than that of pure aluminum), cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, so the cold processing method to improve its mechanical properties. 3003 aluminum alloy roll in the annealed state have high plasticity, in the semi cold hardening plastic plastic is good, low cold hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, for the production of oil cooler is a good choice, can meet the requirements of oil cooler for material.
Henan Mingtai aluminum 3003 aluminum alloy and 3003 alloy in aluminum production for 20 years, oil cooler processing thickness of 0.20-4.5mm, has a mature production technology, the production of 3003 aluminum alloy plasticity and high tensile strength, anti-deformation ability, applied to the oil cooler has a very big advantage, and have a good word of mouth.