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The automotive aluminum forms an obvious lightweight shock
- 2017-09-25 09:52 -
With the concept of energy saving and environmental protection deeply rooted, the application of lightweight technology in automotive industry has been put on the new agenda of energy saving and environmental protection.The improvement of automobile quality makes the manufacturing process of automobile body aluminum plate higher and higher. The application of aluminum alloy sheet for automobile panel is a simple and effective lightweight method. Automotive aluminum is a member of the high-end Aluminum Alloy family, due to the use of performance (forming and connectivity) and the surface quality of the stringent requirements, but also to the processing of raw materials requires more precise control and management. Now from the aluminum plate manufacturers, for everyone in detail under the car body aluminum plate production process and performance requirements.

Production process of automobile aluminum sheet. The aluminum liquid aluminum billet continuous casting into different specifications, after surface treatment, heating after hot rolling, rolling, cold rolling, get the required thickness, followed by continuous annealing treatment by micro fine microstructure and properties required.
There are many key technologies and difficulties in the production of automobile aluminum sheet material, and it will also have an important impact on the subsequent performance (stamping, painting, etc.).
Taking a look at the technological process of automobile aluminum plate, from the microscopic organization angle, it can be simply summed up in two aspects: cleanness (chemical, metallurgical process) and uniformity (physical metallurgy process). The process of smelting (casting) and rolling (heat treatment) control is reflected in the process of actual production. Excellent cleanliness of aluminum liquid and uniformity of microstructure (texture) play a positive role in stamping forming and joining performance of the following automobile manufacturing plant. The uniformity of tissue (texture) includes not only the size of the matrix tissue, grain size, but also the proportion of micro textures favorable to formability. The macroscopic external performance of material performance is based on its micro intrinsic nature. The desired macroscopic properties can be obtained by reasonable control of microstructure and texture.
In view of the mismatch between the production time of the raw material aluminum plant and the automobile factory, the natural aging of the automobile aluminum plate will occur during the interphase process, which will affect the subsequent molding. In order to solve this problem, the material engineer at home and abroad has carried on the thorough and systematic research to the theory mechanism of the process, and proposed the pre aging / pre strain treatment process. The aging process can be slowed down in the process of sheet metal transportation and storage by means of the pre aging process of solid solution treatment in the raw material plant, so as to have better formability in the stamping process.