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The basic types of the aluminum alloy corrosion
- 2018-01-12 16:42 -
1. Dot shape corrosion
Dot shape corrosion is a partial corrosion morphology, is a unique form of anodic reactions, and is a self-catalytic process.
2. General corrosion
General corrosion refers to the corrosion of the metal that cause by the corrosive media. The oxide film of aluminum alloy will be dissolved and eroded evenly when it contact with the solution which contents phosphoric acid or sodium hydroxide. If the solution temperature increasing, the solute concentration will be increased, and it will speed up the corrosion of aluminum alloy.
3. Crevice corrosion
Crevice corrosion as well as a kind of partial corrosion. The metal and metal or metal and non-metal will form a gap when soak in the electrolyte solution, this width is big enough to make the media soak in and then stay in a stagnant state, but the corrosion goes in the gap, so it known as the crevice corrosion.
4. Stress corrosion cracking
Metal will be eroded under a combined effect of stress (tensile stress or internal stress) and the corrosive medium. Stress corrosion cracking will cause the cracks of metal surface, it can develop along the grain boundaries, also extend through the grains. The inside cracks will greatly reduce the intensity of aluminum alloy structure, sometimes will suddenly rupture.