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The benefits of colored aluminum coils for decorative material
- 2017-11-16 10:24 -
Color coated aluminum coil refers to the surface of aluminum alloy coloring treatment due to the performance of aluminum alloy is very stable, not easy to be corrosion, the general surface after special treatment can ensure that at least 30 years does not fade, low density, high hardness, weight per unit volume Is the lightest metal material.
Color aluminum, is a recent rise in the field of doors and windows of a new profile, compared with steel, the biggest advantage is unparalleled solidity, and the color changeable, and always will not be faced with plastic is always questioned the "toxic" problem . Therefore, high-end real estate windows and doors, sun room, balcony packaging and other fields are widely used. Color-coated aluminum rolls have now become one of the most popular top-grade decorative materials. It is a green, durable and beautiful green.

It has the following unparalleled advantages as a decorative material: uniform color, bright and clean, strong adhesion, durable, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, decay resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance and strong.
Product Category: Polyester coated aluminum coil (PE), fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil (PVDF).
Polyester coated aluminum roll
Is a UV-resistant UV coating is the use of the backbone of the ester bond-containing polymer as a monomer, add, according to the gloss can be sub-matt and series. Especially suitable for use with billboards.
Fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil
Is the use of fluoro enyne as the basic monomer, pigment, alcohol ester solvents, additives mixed. After the high-temperature barbecue filming,
The molecular structure of the coating is tight, with superior weatherability. Fluorocarbon coating According to the surface film structure can be divided into two kinds of traditional fluorocarbon and nano fluorocarbon coating.
Particularly applicable to public places indoor and outdoor decoration, commercial chains, exhibitions, advertising and decoration and display.