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The characteristics of hot rolling
- 2018-02-07 10:09 -
1. Hot rolling can significantly reduce the energy consumption, as well as the costs, because most of the metal has a high plasticity but a low deformation resistance during the processing of hot rolling, so it greatly reduces the energy consumption of the metal deformation. rolling process can improve the technological properties of aluminum alloys or other metals, it smashes coarse grains and repairs obvious cracks, thus to reduce or eliminate casting defects and improve the whole properties. rolling not only improves the production efficiency, but also creates the conditions for the increase of rolling speed and realization of continuity and automation of the rolling process.
4. the hot rolling process can not control the mechanical properties that products need very accurately, and the hot-rolled products may own a uniform organization and performance, its strength index is below than the cold work hardened products, but higher than the full (dead) annealing products; the hot-rolled products has a plasticity index that higher than the cold work hardened products but below than the full (dead) annealing products.