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The difference between aluminum alloy and zinc alloy
- 2018-01-26 13:45 -
Zinc alloy is made of zinc but added other alloy elements during the processing, aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium are the common alloy elements that added in zinc alloy. Zinc alloy has a low melting point, a good fluidity, and easy to welding. The zinc alloy will corrode in the atmosphere, and it has a low creep resistance.
Aluminum alloy is made aluminum but added other alloy elements, like copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and the non-essential alloying elements are nickel, iron, titanium, chromium and lithium. Aluminum product is a kind of the non-ferrous metal structural material that is widely used in industry, it has a wide range of application in aerospace, automotive, machinofacture, ships, chemical industry and so on.
The difference in die-casting technology :
1.the aluminum alloy and zinc alloy has a different molten metal temperature, zinc alloy has a temperature of more than 400 degrees, and aluminum alloy has a temperature of more than 700 degrees.
2. The processing equipment is different, although both of the processing equipment called die-casting machine.
3. The processing technology and parameters are different.
The difference in products :
Zinc alloy has a poor compatibility with iron, so it has a small pattern draft about 0.5°, and the aluminum alloy has a bigger pattern draft about 1° to 1.5°.