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The excellent characteristics of Mingtai 1200 aluminum sheet
- 2018-02-10 11:00 -
1200 aluminum sheet belongs to the commercially pure aluminum, 1200 aluminum sheet has a high plasticity, a good corrosion resistance, a good conductivity and thermal conductivity, but a low strength and a poor tooling quality. 1200 aluminum sheet can not be strengthened by heat treatment, but it can be withstanding all kinds of stress to processing, extension and bending.
1.a low density
The pure aluminum has a density about 2700kg/m³, it is about the 35% of iron density, and pure aluminum can be strengthened by cold working. Pure aluminum can be strengthened by heat treatment when adding some alloying elements, such as the magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, lithium and scandium, etc.
1200 aluminum sheet
2.a good plasticity
1200 aluminum sheet has a good plasticity, it can be casted by any kind of casting method, 1200 aluminum sheet able to can be rolled into sheets and foils; pulled into tubes and filaments; extruded into various civil profiles.
3. a good corrosion resistance, good conductivity and thermal conductivity
The surface of 1200 aluminum sheet has a layer of dense and firm protective film, so it has a excellent ability in corrosion resistance of atmospheric and water.
4. no low temperature brittleness
With the decreases of temperature, the strength and plasticity of aluminum will not be reduced but increased.
5.a strong reflecting ability
The aluminum polished surface has a reflectivity of 80% or more in white light, the higher the aluminum purity, the higher the reflectivity.