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The excellent performances of insulation aluminum sheet
- 2018-02-26 11:12 -
Insulation is very important for cold zone, and the insulation material is very energy-conserving and environment-protective, it also in line with the development trend of low-carbon life, with a installation effect.
1.the insulation aluminum sheet has a light weight, an excellent service durability, it has a quality per square meter about 7kg, and a tensile strength of 200N / mm2. The insulation aluminum sheet has a high ductility, and insulation aluminum sheet can withstand a high degree of bending without cracking, with a good toughness.
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2.the insulation has a high decorative performance, with a special structure, the hard polyurethane of a low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation properties is firmly bonded on the back of the aluminum sheet.
3.the insulation aluminum sheet has a coating of strong weatherability, its surface is sprayed with the fluoropolymer resin which containing KYNAR-500 about 70%, after this spray treatment, the insulation aluminum sheet owns a high anti-acid rain ability, a high corrosion resistance and a strong UV resistance, as well as the insulation aluminum sheet that processed the spray treatment does not fade and fall off more than 20 years.
4.the installation of insulation aluminum sheet is very convenient, and the insulation aluminum sheet is a new type of high-end decorative materials that integrate with energy-saving and decoration, and the insulation aluminum sheet is convenient for installation, with a short construction period. Moreover, the insulation aluminum sheet is non-flammable.