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The features of aluminum packaging
- 2017-12-29 17:01 -
1.Aluminum packaging has a excellent mechanical properties and a high strength, it is not easy to break, is the reliable protection for products, and convenient to storage, carrying, shipping, handling and use.
2.aluminum packaging has a good processing performance. Its processing technology is mature, are able to continuous and automated produce. Aluminum packaging has a good ductility and strength, able to rolled into sheet and foil with various thicknesses. Aluminum sheet can made into packaging containers with different shapes and sizes by stamping, rolling, stretching, welding ways; and the aluminum foil can combined with plastic, they fully play a excellent and comprehensive protection role with their different forms.
3.Aluminum packaging has a comprehensive protection performance, the water vapor and light will not through it, thus avoid the harmful effects from UV effectively. Its gas barrier, moisture resistance and shading is better than plastic Packaging, paper packaging and others. The aluminum packaging is able to maintain the product quality for a long time, it is very important for food.
4.Aliuminum packaging has a beautiful metallic luster, it easy to printing and decorating, has a luxurious and beautiful appearance, and the aluminum foil is an ideal trademark material.
5. Aluminum packaging also is an ideal green material. Aluminum sheet widely used in cans and covers, and the aluminum foil is used in moisture-proof packaging or other flexible packaging.